3D Zombie City Run

In 3D Zombie City Run, you will be put into the role of Leon, the adventurer. Leon’s objective is to survive and run for his life in the streets and sewers of the city that has been hit and destroyed by unknown apocalypse. During the game you have keep clear of unexpected explosions and obstacles in the city, while defending yourself and running away from horde of zombies who occupy the streets and sewers of the city. This makes the game very challenging and great fun to play.

The only way for Leon to survive is to constantly run away and to eliminate anything that stands in his way (abandoned cars, blood-thirsty zombies, other obstacles), with range of weapons that can be found in the different parts of the city.

So get ready for the run of your life!
* Realistic and immersive game environment with great * sound effects.
* Ability to upgrade your weapons.
* Fast-paced, innovative and challenging game-play.
* Dynamically generated game stages make it extra fun

How to play? Simple!
* Navigate through using tilt/swipe controls
* Swipe up to jump over barriers
* Swipe down to duck under objects

******3D Zombie City Run******
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