Hazari. 1000 Points Cards

Hazari is an Indian 1000 points card game that we developed in-house.

When we were looking for a new game to develop we stumbled upon Hazari there was only one game in the whole of the App Store and it was a very good idea at that time to spend our time on making this game a reality.

It took us roughly 20 odd days to finish the code and the user interface and other elements/assets of the game was done in a couple of days time.

We got approved and the game was published in the App Store and after that a sad reality hit us. Advertisers and not spending money for this game we have more than 1000 gameplays on avarege for this game bit the game has made only $0.48 for the past whole month.

This is not a fault of the game/App Store per say but with the ad network we are tied up with. Yes we use Google Admob and we have about 3% ad receieved to the game.

We are currenly working with a different ad network and we will see if it gives out a better result.

We will keep you posted related to this and we will post more soon.

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